Custom staff scalability for an international hotel booking service

HRS GmbH was founded in Cologne in 1972 as a travel agency. Now it’s a reputable hotel reservation provider with 1500+ employees and 35 offices in 16 countries.




Hospitality Development Services, Real Estate Development Services


Dedicated Team

Team size

30+ experts: PM/Scrum Master, Product Managers, Certified AWS Solution Architects, Tech Leads, Data Engineers, Frontend, Backend, DevOps, QA Automation

Tech stack

АWS, JavaScript, Java, React, Python, SpringBoot, Node.js, SQL, Rest/JSON, Swagger, JAX-WS, Maven, Gradle, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Gerrit, IntelliJ, UML, JIRA, Confluence, Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch


Our partner is one of the global market leaders in tech and Big Data driven travel solutions. The company provides over 300,000 accommodations in 190+ countries for business and private travelers.

HRS wanted to expand the business further which required hiring more engineers with exceptional skill sets and narrow expertise. To save time and budget, they decided to hire a nearshore engineering unit from Ukraine.


HRS needed experienced professionals with a product mindset who will take over the development of their projects.

We set up a world-class team of 18 experts who met all specific requirements for tech and soft skills. The client personally approved all Team Lead experts. Found talents have deep expertise in hospitality business which helped us to navigate both the technical and the management processes.

With our team the client spent much less on taxes, recruitment, retention, legal, administrative, and operational team management, compared to what they would get at the highly competitive local labor market.


  • Provided our client with unlimited staff scalability and flexibility by promptly setting up a world-class team of 18 top-notch experts. The client personally approved all Team Lead experts that now handle further team expansion with client’s minimum involvement.
  • Efficiently migrated from the legacy code onto the modern tech stack.
  • Maintaining and supports the existing systems.
  • Set up CI/CD pipelines and QA flow.


Our partnership with HRS lasts from 2019. Team Lead experts approved by our client now handle further team expansion with minimum involvement from client’s side. They also make critical decisions in product development cycle without client’s supervision.

The team shows outstanding delivery results and takes over numerous sub-projects from client’s other R&D centers. Our remote engineering unit keeps growing within the client’s requests and budget.