Pluto TV is a cutting-edge free ad-supported online television service from California. An exclusive TV service provider portal runs seamlessly using web and mobile apps, multiple connected TV streaming devices, and smart televisions.


Entertainment solution development


Dedicated Team

Team size

70 specialists: Client and Backend Developers, Full Stack, QA engineers, BA

Tech stack

JavaScript, ES 5/6, NodeJS, ReactJS, Express, Redis, TypeScript,MongoDB, Lambda, EC2, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SNS


Pluto wanted to expand their presence on a global market and across smart TV devices. To do so, they had to reach a new level of software quality.

They were ready to extend an in-house software development capacity with an external team. But they had previous bad experience with offshore partners. We were confident that we can change their mind about how dedicated a dedicated team can really be.


Pluto requested up to ten senior team members with a particular skill set. Their request took place during December holiday season—not an easy time to hire, we have to say. We’ve come up with a compromise:

  • In one month, we set up a dedicated team of 4 top-level specialists. Our time to fill was 31 days when average time to fill in our industry equals 52 days.
  • While the hired specialists were dealing with urgent tasks from Pluto, we found 6 more requested experts. All 10 positions were closed in 2 months.

In a year, the team grew up to 23 engineers. Even though the client and our developers were in different time zones, we’ve built an Agile workflow that integrated our team with Pluto completely. We agreed on a schedule suitable for both the client and the dedicated team. And to make the most of our time, we keep things real and keep all communications as constructive as possible.

There are 3 Architects among hired experts, so the team can not only complete the necessary tasks but also take part in strategic planning. Their expertise allows to suggest the best technical solutions and see possible problems before they come.

During the 1st year this team accomplished a range of important tasks:

  • Optimized, stabilized and advanced Pluto’s software, making it more user-friendly, smoother, faster, and highly competitive on the market.
  • Fragmented the Monolithic architecture into Microservices. This solution made Pluto’s software more stable and easily scalable, made possible much needed integration of other technologies.
  • Integrated Bootstrap API, improved energy-saving functionality, and implemented the ‘Video On Demand’ feature in Android and iOS apps.
  • Developed an AdTech internal analytical tool to track user engagement stats, target audience behavior, and time spent metrics.
  • Integrated Pluto’s software with Viacom’s back end to enforce the fast and consistent data exchange between Pluto and Viacom’s services and optimize the clusters’ organizational pattern.


  • International desktop, iOS and Android Pluto apps we launched became top-rated on the market.
  • The number of monthly active users increased to 12M.
  • Customer’s revenue increased 3x by the end of 2018.
  • Migration to Microservices architecture allowed Pluto to get 140+ new business partnerships with key industrial brands like Viacom, Sony, Samsung, and Visio TV.
  • Thanks to new functionality Pluto TV was integrated to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast and Roku TV devices.
  • Specific ‘fragmentation of content’ pattern on the back-end part enabled region-specific targeting and statistic gathering.
  • Our recruiters reduced Pluto’s expenses related to taxes, recruiting, hiring, retention and HR management. And our legal team ensured the safety of client’s intellectual property: the rights were assigned directly to the customer and each team member signed the confidentiality agreement. We made everything in our power to secure our client’s assets.


Pluto hired us with a couple of other teams from all over the world. Eventually we became their core development team—because of our transparent approach, mature recruitment methodology and, we’d like to believe, our bright communication.

Now Pluto is expanding into the European market and constantly gains new partners. These changes require more functionality, adaptation to new devices, smart architecture solutions, working with Big Data.

We are now the biggest delivery center for Pluto. Our team now consists of 53 experts. In 2020 we hired 14 people and are now working on closing 5 more positions. Our common future looks bright and busy 🙂


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