Nataliia Fedorova, HR Director

June 4, 2021 news

What, during the pandemic?

We are also a little surprised. But the fact is that this year our Kyiv team has grown from 43 to 100 people. And we are not stopping now – new projects are coming.

We could’ve continued working remotely like lots of companies do now. But we decided to ask our employees: how do you want to work? And it turned out that almost 46% want to have an opportunity to work from the office.

You know how it is: strong coffee, comfy chairs, stable internet connection, no distractions whatsoever.

That is why on November, 2nd we opened the doors of our new, bright workspace in BC Yevropasazh on Simi Prakhovykh St, 58/10.

Remember what we said about team growth and new projects? Check out some photos from our new office: we’ve left a few free spots.


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