Welcome to Bright office in Poland

Hello, I’m Oleksii, Delivery Director at Brightgrove. This is an intro page about our office in Wroclaw, Poland. This location is our youngest one in Europe, but that just means we have so much more to come here! Scroll down to see what Brightgrove in Poland is like.  

Welcome to Bright office in Poland
Welcome to Bright office in Poland

benefits of local offices

power of locals

  • Dedicated Delivery Director
  • Understanding of the EU labor market
  • Cultural fit with candidates

High tech level

  • Trusted IT partner for 220 companies in Europe
  • 60% of senior people at Brightgrove
  • ~500,000 engineers on the market


  • Great time zone for clients from Europe, Saudi Arabia, Israel
  • Transparent contracts

Poland is a great destination for nearshore software development, offering a dynamic and thriving IT industry. With a talent pool of over 500k professionals, the country boasts an impressive tech ecosystem showing remarkable growth. Poland attracts global tech giants and startups alike, and we’re glad to have an office in Wroclaw where like-minded tech specialists surround us.  

Meet the local leader

My role at Brightgrove is centered around cultivating and nurturing a dynamic community in both Poland and Europe as a whole. We supply our clients with the tools to boost their businesses from a digital standpoint and assist them in realizing their objectives. My 20 years of experience in management and long tenure at Brightgrove help me offer the best solutions for our new and existing clients. 

local success stories

Eric Gordon
CEO at RealPlus
Dino Morales
VP at On-Line Residential



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