Brightgrove’s 12th birthday: volunteers stream

June 30, 2022 .NET

This May, Brightgrove turned 12. It’s a big thing for us, but there are bigger things to think about now.


That’s why we decided to celebrate Ukrainian style by raising donations for our army. For 1.5 hours, our top managers turned into hosts of the online stream. The format is not new for us: the last few years taught us how to celebrate our b-day digitally due to Covid.


But the format was a bit different this time. The stream consisted of a few parts. First, our CEO reported on how Brightgrove has been doing recently and how we adapted to work during the war. We also learned about Brightgrove’s volunteering initiatives, one of the things we’ve been focusing on recently.


Of course, we also had some fun. Seva, Eugene, and Andriy answered Brights’ burning questions. Our guys could ask anything they wanted (without crossing the line) in exchange for donations. The managers even played a game about brave Ukrainian farmers. All of them kind of lost, but for a good cause. For each lost round, we added donations to our fund.


As a result, we collected ₴1 113 380. Next time we hope to celebrate IRL together peacefully. For now, stay strong, and Slava Ukraini!


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