Cloud transformation services

Our services encompass a wide range of competencies including platform development, cloud solutions, DevOps, cyber security, internet of things, machine learning and AI, data engineering, RPA, and experience design.

We begin by thoroughly understanding your business to offer tailored and specific end-to-end solutions rather than starting with a backlog or predefined requirements. Our approach is not limited to acting as a workbench; instead, we offer comprehensive solutions and take full responsibility, whether it’s for the development and operations of your applications, cloud transformation, or entire product domains.


Cloud maturity assessment

Depending on the cloud maturity, client’s case and their particular requirements, we analyse applications, infrastructure and tooling for cloud readiness

Design & target architecture

Based on the cloud maturity assessment or the particular requirements we draft the solution, target architecture and required tooling

Application development

We take ownership for the development of your applications, a specific product domain or your entire software development

Transition to future state

Our goal is to achieve quick wins and cost saving as quickly as possible without disrupting the ongoing operations

Tooling and automation

We set up the required tooling and automation, e.g. repositories, environments and stages, build and deploy, monitoring and alerting

Operations & support

We operate the target architecture in a DevOps or no-ops framework with 24/7 on-duty support, providing 2nd/3rd level support for the components and products under our responsibility


  • Scalability of Infrastructure. With variable workloads resulting from seasonal patterns, recurring activities, or peak demands, the new set up helps to lower costs to cover maximum workloads
  • Capex to Opex. Costs can be variabilized by consumption-based invoicing. Expensive long-term investments into hardware and infrastructure can be avoided
  • Access to Skills and Resources. Use new skills and focus on the core competencies by outsourcing 'non-core competencies' to a third-party
  • Innovation. A modern application infrastructure allows for agile product development cycles and accelerates go-to-market activities, getting feedback, or scale up quickly
  • Automation. Automation of the core business processes is key to become efficient and remain competitive
  • Resilience. Unexpected events like COVID, raising energy costs or security threats have an impact on companies. A modern app platform and infrastructure mitigate these risks without heavy upfront investments

We do not only make the assessment and provide a concept. We also take responsibility for the successful transition into the cloud and the achievement of the committed goals.

Sven Krahn Technology Advisor with 20+ years in IT. Throughout his years in the industry Sven has focused on strategic, procedural and cultural work in SaaS and digital businesses.
Sven Krahn


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