Yevgen Gubanov, COO at Brightgrove

März 11, 2024

New location, new opportunities

When summer is over in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to go south for some hot news 🌎


Brightgrove is expanding its presence in the southern hemisphere, so we’ve got a fantastic addition to the team: our new Director of Operations for Latin America, Andres Gomez! Thus, this is an unofficial announcement of our new Colombian office opening (stay tuned for the official one).


We’ve got some goals for this location. Here’s what Andres says:


“This expansion will enable us to better support our clients in the Americas, while also leveraging our existing presence in the EU and other regions. Latin America has a wealth of talented professionals, and we aim to tap into that talent pool to provide exceptional value and expertise to our clients worldwide.”


Thanks to Andres for joining us to make our LATAM game stronger. And, of course, thanks to everybody from our team for making this possible!