Yevgen Gubanov, COO at Brightgrove

März 11, 2024

New location, new opportunities

Some bright news from Poland: we now have an office in Wroclaw! It’s at Fabryczna 6 in a new business center, among other IT companies.


This office is under the wing of Oleksii Golovashov, our EU Delivery Director. Our primary goal for this location was to help Brights, who had to leave Ukraine because of russia’s invasion, feel more at home with a place to work together.


But this is also one of our many steps toward building a stronger Eastern European presence. With our offices here, in Romania and Ukraine, we’re ready to dive deep into the pool of highly skilled candidates in this area and find the right ones for each project we take on!


Here’s what Oleksii says about our new location:


“A new office in the EU helps us build a stronger presence in Europe together with our Romanian location. We’re excited to stay closer to clients, dive into a new pool of candidates, and provide a space to work and connect for Brights in Poland and neighboring countries.”