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As an entertainment app development company, we're staying ahead of the change to help our clients attract and retain their customers by using advanced technologies and challenging circumstances to their advantage.

The COVID-pandemic did not create new trends in the entertainment industry but accelerated them. The most global trend is agility, and it is becoming crucial for companies to be agile in more ways than one. Brightgrove, an entertainment app development company, can help you do just that.


Entertainment companies are always focused on gaining a new audience and retaining existing users. Social isolation makes people hungry for new experiences and interaction. The lines between genres are becoming blurry. Offering more types of content, for example, games and podcasts as well as video or music can increase the audience’s interest in the platform.


Another media trend is customization. That means specifically targeted ads for ad-supported monetization models and personalized recommendations for platforms with various content. To achieve that, the company has to learn a lot about their customers—but not too much, so the audience won’t feel stalked. Analyzing user behavior is an essential part of development for any company in this domain.


When it comes to being flexible, monetization is another factor you can reevaluate. Struggling with the economic crisis, more and more people choose to withdraw from paid services. Mixing subscription and ad-support models allow retaining more users, at the same time allowing them to choose how they want to interact with your product.


All these trends are showing one thing: the industry is rapidly evolving. There are many solutions to consider and many peaks to conquer. We, an entertainment software development company, would be excited to meet these challenges with you.

success stories

our entertainment app development services

Segmenting Monolithic architecture to Microservices for safe scaling of complex big systems
Developing analytical tools to study audience behavior and profile
Redesigning or developing from scratch fast, user-friendly, and modern applications for iOS, Android, or web
Fast experimentation with content and delivery

Quick testing of new behaviors and segments with minimal risks

Hiring top-notch specialists with expertise in this area
Implementing and testing advanced wireless technologies like 5G
As an entertainment development company, we’ve implemented many projects in this industry. We can’t share all the details, because we value our NDAs, but we can use our experience to your advantage.

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