Dedicated team to create analytics management software for Aginity

Founded in 2005, Aginity is one of the leading analytics management service providers located in the United States. The platform provides a collaborative coding experience with a unique active analytics catalog that empowers data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to find, manage, govern, share, and reuse analytic logic.


Computer software & IT


Dedicated Team

Team size

30 specialists: Client and Backend Developers, Full Stack, QA engineers, DevOpses

Tech stack

Java and Scala (back end). TypeScript, JavaScript, React (web app front end). Docker Swarm and Kubernetes (container services). Apache Spark (the main execution engine for data processing)


In the second half of 2012, Aginity partnered with Brightgrove. Their goal was to develop a software platform for enterprise analytics management that would allow users to discover, create, share, and reuse analytics rather than constantly recoding it. 

Aginity wanted to transfer their team from a previous outsourcing development vendor and hire additional senior and middle engineers who will take over the full cycle development. 

We had to complete the following tasks: 

  • Develop a paid product that would help teams produce more consistent analytic results faster. 
  • Give the platform the ability to integrate with any client warehouse like Snowflake or RedShift. 
  • Ensure that the deployment process is flexible to run on main clouds like AWS, Azure, or Google. 
  • Develop a fully functional, free version of a product that would help individual professionals attract new clients. 


We transferred Aginity’s existing team of 4 engineers from another outsourcing vendor to Brightgrove’s office, providing the necessary legal support and the infrastructure. After that, our Recruitment Department assembled the additional development and delivery dedicated team under our roof. During the period from September to December 2012, we handpicked 8 senior and middle engineers for front- and back-end development and quality assurance. 

We achieved the maximum load of 40 members when there was a need to boost the customer’s capacity even further.  

Following Aginity’s strategic goals, we: 

  • Built a stable, secure, and unique product called Aginity Enterprise as a set of microservices that is deployed inside of container services. Interactions with the application are done via a single-page web app and/or REST API. The product lets the companies use and reuse consistent analytic features, variables, and KPIs with the latest machine learning libraries and artificial intelligence frameworks such as H2O, SparkML MLlib, Tensorflow, and Scikit. 
  • Ensured that the platform allows authorized users to collect analytics from a wide variety of data warehouses like Snowflake, RedShift Hive, IBM PureData System, and Apache Spark. 
  • Developed custom JDBC/ODBC drivers that provide integration between the product and third-party query/BI tools. 
  • Made the deployment process flexible in communicating with the leading cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google) seamlessly. A rich set of APIs allows Aginity’s clients to integrate the product into their own ecosystem. 
  • Developed a functional free desktop demo version of the product for personal use. 


  • Developed unique analytics management software that combined business logic and data to create a multi-brand analytics environment.
  • Took part in enabling the platform to integrate with any client warehouse, from Snowflake to IBM PureData System.
  • Moved the back-end from the old .NET tech stack to modern Java, optimizing its code.
  • Created a brand new free desktop version of the main product but for individual experts, and prepared for its launch in Q2 2019.
  • Developed the product’s user guide and supporting technical documentation.
  • In April 2019, CIOReview named Aginity the most promising analytics solution provider.

In 2018, we completed our development milestones, and the development load has been reduced as Aginity has started a new course of their business agenda. Now there are 30 full-time employees whom we’ve retained since 2012. 

Our team handles the full-cycle product development and follows the Agile communication flow with Aginity via daily and weekly calls carried out by 3 team leads. In Spring 2018, we implemented the Kanban development approach instead of Scrum and established a 3-week release cycle.  

We had a previous relationship with the CEO of Brightgrove from a previous business. Besides having contractual agreements around the protection of intellectual property, all work is done and stored on servers controlled by our company

Matthew Mullins Vice President of Engineering, Aginity
 Matthew Mullins


Thanks to the quality and speed of the development process, Aginity’s product keeps holding the top position in its market niche, bringing our customer new clients and boosting Aginity’s revenue. In April 2019 CIOReview named Aginity the most promising analytics solution provider. After 7 years of cooperation, we keep working on supporting and upgrading the current version of the Aginity Enterprise. We plan to boost its performance index even higher by optimizing the caching and pushdowns and making necessary changes on the execution engine side.


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