Founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany, BRAGI GmbH is an award-winning innovative startup that develops one-of-a-kind AI true wireless earphones called The Dash Pro. The product is waterproof, with an ergonomic design, controlling mobile apps, and a 30-hour battery. The earphones enable users to track their running, cycling, swimming, and health parameters by connecting to an Android or iOS phone.


Entertainment solution development, Consumer Electronics Product Development


Dedicated Team

Team size

4 senior specialists: 2 Android developers, 1 QA engineer


At the end of 2018, the BRAGI GmbH owners wanted to create a second generation of the product. The customer was looking to expand their in-house development capacity with additional senior Android developers. They chose Brightgrove as their new partner.

The challenges we’ve faced included:

• Quickly hiring and onboarding senior engineers with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) expertise to take over the Android app development as soon as possible.
• Setting up an effective two-way communication process and establishing seamless development flow.
• Create a new software development kit (SDK) for the second generation of the customer’s hardware.
• Develop a new minimum viable product (MVP) version of the existing Android app and modernize it with new features and functionality, following the Kanban methodology.
• Deploy a stable, optimized, and user-friendly Android app.
• Provide the necessary quality assurance services, following strict security policies.
• Completing all technical tasks without the hardware prototypes in our office due to security measures that protect the customer’s hardware as a trade secret.


The most challenging part was to find senior Android engineers with deep experience in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We hired the first Dedicated Android developer in 30 working days to start the project.

After one month, Bragi requested to hire additional members for the dedicated team. We recruited 1 more Android developer equipped with the BLE skill set and 1 manual QA engineer. Starting from January 2019, the team developed the required second-generation software, taking it through all the QA procedures necessary for it to become compatible with Bragi’s hardware. This work allowed them to carry out a successful demo release in May.

Our team helped Bragi to achieve their main strategic goals by:

• Developing a new SDK as the core developer tool to use for the second generation of The Dash Pro.
• Building a new MVP version of the existing but modernized and improved Android app and preparing for its release, with new health checking and data streaming features added.
• Helping to deploy a fully functional, bug-free, and stable second-generation Android app, following a very tight timeframe with an established deadline.
• Assuring the highest quality of code and providing a secure development environment.


  • Presented a demo version of their second-generation The Dash Pro in May 2019.
  • Created sophisticated software without having the hardware prototype under our roof as it is a trade secret by regularly visiting the customer to follow a knowledge transfer procedure.
  • Developed the core developer tool—a new SDK for the second generation of the customer’s innovative hardware product.
  • Improved BRAGI’s existing Android app by building a new modernized MVP version with new features and functionality including health checking, increased battery life-cycle, and data streaming.
  • Released the fully functional demo of a new user-friendly and stable Android app.
  • Provided quality assurance services and debugging to ensure that the code is clean and stable.

Our partnership with them has been excellent. Nothing unknown or unexpected has come up. Each member of the team has different values that they bring to the table

Adrian McNeill Head of Product Test, Bragi GmbH
Adrian McNeill


BRAGI fully manages and controls the development flow, and our dedicated developers work as an extension of BRAGI’s team. Brightgrove’s Legal Department heavily protects BRAGI’s Intellectual Property Rights.

Proud to be a reliable partner for BRAGI, we will continue our partnership. BRAGI plans to expand the dedicated team even further with iOS developers to take over the creation of the company’s new iOS app.


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