Dedicated team to build IoT connected mobile apps for a provider of car tracking devices

Headquartered in Berlin, our customer is a well-established manufacturer of tracking devices that allow clients to collect in-depth information about their trips and car technical parameters.


Consumer Electronics Product Development


Dedicated Team

Team size

Under NDA

Tech stack

Android SDK, Java, REST, HTTPS, BLE, SSL, Objective-C


Headquartered in Berlin, our customer is a well-established manufacturer of tracking devices that integrate directly with cars’ onboard monitoring systems via the ODB protocol plug, allowing clients to collect in-depth information about their car trips and car technical parameters.

The customer’s goal was to expand their business by developing modern mobile travel books for cars represented by connected iOS and Android apps. For this purpose, in May 2014, they hired Brightgrove’s remote dedicated team.

We had to achieve the following goals:

• Find talented iOS and Android developers with specific expertise in IoT and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies.
• Build effective communication between the customer and remote engineers to maintain a seamless development flow.
• Participate in a wide range of project activities, especially during the initial stages of the software ecosystem’s creation.
• Clean up the legacy code and take over the mobile development cycle in compliance with German laws.


Firstly, we identified optimal skills and professional levels needed for efficient development of the required solutions. After that, Brightgrove’s Recruitment Department promptly assembled a remote dedicated team of highly skilled Android developers.

Later on, satisfied with the quality of our work, the customer requested to expand the team further by adding iOS engineers with BLE expertise. We found and onboarded these specialists in 1 month.

Our team accomplished the following technical tasks:

• Although Brightgrove specialists were responsible for just 2 wheels of the main product, they participated in all sorts of project activities: gathering and defining the requirements, designing and creating system architecture, and defining communication protocols and APIs.

• As we took over the full cycle of development when the legacy code was already in the production stage, our team provided the necessary refactoring and bug-fixing, maintaining the code in compliance with German security standards and laws.

• Our engineers improved both iOS and Android apps by implementing new features and replacing the old tech stack with up-to-date technologies. With these updated apps, users can classify their trips in such a way that the service generates appropriate tax reports in a legal form accepted by tax authorities.


  • Created a highly professional and productive dedicated development team that implemented an important component of the customer’s service.
  • Established a predictable development process with an outlined list of actions, and release plan for new versions of the apps.
  • The code became stable, clean, and optimized.
  • Released several versions of the mobile apps fully compliant with German regulations and a 100% level of accuracy and security.
  • Implemented key features including the review of information about the fleet in general and particular cars, travel book and history of trips with aggregated trip duration and mileage statistics, the option to export trips to PDF files for a specified period of time generate legal PDF forms for submission to tax authorities.
  • The number of active Android users has grown beyond 10,000, and the rating reached 4.7 points on the Google Play market.


Having excellent soft skills and extensive IoT and BLE technical expertise, all specialists matched together very well. The team became an extension of the customer’s business, boosting their in-house development capacity and agility. Additionally, our Legal Department ensures full protection of the customer’s Intellectual Property Rights. 

Brightgrove developers regularly visited the customer’s office on site where they closely worked together with the in-house developers. 

The development is continuing, and both apps are going to see new versions released as scheduled by the engineering teams and Product Owner.


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