Automation of the baggage handling system for a large European airport

Our customer is an Eastern European airport, one of the busiest in the world. The customer operates 24/7, serving millions of passengers a year.


Computer software & IT


Dedicated Team

Team size

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Tech stack

C, WinCC


The airport decided to add a new terminal. The airport’s team requested their partner, a leading German manufacturer of control systems, to install a business-critical, up-to-date baggage handling system. The installation required recoding of the programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which provide the core automation algorithms for the system. The customer partnered with Brightgrove to get this task done.
Our challenges were:
• Assembling a dedicated team with a highly particular, narrow-oriented skill set to develop custom automation modules based on PLC technology.
• Ensuring reliability and uninterrupted operation of the baggage handling system and accommodating increased baggage loads through these modules.
• Programming the modules without the possibility to test them under full baggage loads because of the nature of the system.
• Completing the tasks within a strict deadline, in time for the new terminal’s launch.
• Establishing stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes.


Our partner chose to use the dedicated team (DT) development model, and we promptly set up a remote team of senior engineers, providing office infrastructure and administrative services.

After we’ve investigated the project scope, we hired experienced PLC developers. The team’s skill set precisely matched the customer’s tech requirements.

Keeping in mind the requirements for high reliability and performance, our team wrote the prototypes of automation modules. We received feedback from the customer’s side and refined the modules appropriately. Then, we tested them for reliability using available baggage volumes.

Also, we established stable communication, which allowed us to quickly resolve technical and non-technical problems during the system development.


  • Built the fully functional modules that were integrated into the airport’s baggage handling system within the timeframe and budget
  • Monitored the operation during the day of the launch and made sure that the system is reliable and functions uninterrupted
  • Ensured the highest level of stability and scalability for the system, making it able to accommodate growing baggage loads


The airport successfully adopted the automated baggage handling solution, which allowed them to expand the infrastructure and boost the revenue. The system turned out to be highly reliable long after the launch of the new terminal. After the launch, Brightgrove engineers provided ongoing support for the developed product.


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