DOOZER Real Estate Systems GmbH

Dedicated Scrum Team to Develop a Web Product for DOOZER REAL ESTATE SYSTEMS

Founded in 2014, Doozer Real Estate Systems is now an exclusive B2B e-commerce web platform for construction management services and homeowners.


Real Estate Development Services


Dedicated Team

Team size

4 senior front-end developers

Tech stack

Go, PostgreSQL, Dart, Angular, HTML, SCSS; Git, Jira


In September 2016, Doozer was looking to make their web platform better for clients and easier for craftsmen. They decided to build a software solution that helps both huge corporations and small companies to deal with building repairs at all stages of the process.

To do so, Doozer needed a remote dedicated team with specific skills in Dart programming. The tech stack was very uncommon, and they faced the lack of qualified engineers in the German market. That is why Doozer chose Brightgrove as an offshore partner.

Our goals were:

  • Extending client’s in-house software development capacity
  • Creating product’s front-end interface from scratch, using Dart and following Agile methodology
  • Enhancing the team’s performance visibility and evaluating the accuracy of tasks estimation
  • Migrating from Monolithic architecture to Microservices


We needed to recruit the first senior front-end developer with Dart skill set as soon as possible. However, top-notch engineers experienced in the Dart are extremely rare, and not many developers wish to re-train to Dart. 

Our Recruitment Department followed two approaches:  

  1. Searched directly for Dart developers through multiple channels. 
  2. Sought out Full Stack Java engineers who were willing to learn the Dart language thattranscompilesinto JavaScript and Java.  

We found a senior JavaScript specialist that mastered the Dart programming language from scratch. This front-end developer fulfilled all of Doozer’s requirements related to hard and soft skills.  

It took us 3 months to accomplish the task that had challenged the customer for a much longer time. And because of the stable growth of business, after that Doozer requested to hire 3 more senior Dart engineers. 

Brightgrove accomplished the following strategic tasks: 

  1. With the help of Brightgrove’s ICAgile certified managers, established a well-regulated Scrum workflow and efficient cooperation between all parts of the team.  
  2. Mixed ourAgile front-end team with the customer’s in-house developers, implementing Scrum daily meetings and weekly sprints.  
  3. Improved the implementation of process changes, using Lean methodology tools and Scrum metrics (including story points estimation, sprint velocity, team velocity). 
  4. Together with the customer’s in-house teamdeveloped the web platform’s interface from scratch using Dart.  
  5. Elevated the transparency of the development process by providing monthlyreports and setting up the time-tracking procedure.  
  6. Reduced customer’s expenses related to taxes, recruiting, retention and HR management.


  • Found the right talent, hired them, re-trained them to specialize in Dart programming, and retained all of them on a long-term basis.
  • Increased Doozer’s business agility and enhanced their in-house software engineering capacity through our Dedicated Team.
  • Brought up the need to utilize the Agile Scrum methodology to the client and implemented it in the development process.
  • Improved JIRA tracking performance and visibility.
  • Determined the root causes of deviations between estimation and actual implementation.
  • Eliminated problems with performance and communication after the first 3 months with bi-weekly status update meetings. 
  • Fragmented initial front-end Monolithic architecture into Microservices.
  • Used the BLoC pattern as a business logic component in order to spend development time efficiently. All logic is prepared in BLoC, which allows us to re-use it later in the Flutter development for mobile apps.
  • Developed new front-end interface and all related functionality from scratch.

We started out with a team of 2 and doubled in size. Today we’re still happy with the services they provide. We feel completely safe with Brightgrove working on our IP.

Stefan Sopic Frontend Team Lead, Doozer Real Estate Systems GmbH


Brightgrove’s team of 4 senior front-end developers has worked for the client remotely for over 2.5 years. The team is fully managed and controlled by the client.  

In the next phase of cooperation with the client, we plan to develop Doozer mobile apps for iOS and Android. 


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