Redevelopment of custom erp system for pumps and valves manufacturer

One of the world’s leading specialists in the field of industrial equipment, spare parts, and maintenance for numerous industries

The client has been in the business of engineering pumps, valves, and agitators based on magnetic drive technology for 70 years. Their products are famous for their longevity and maximum durability.


Software Development for Manufacturing


Dedicated Team

Team size

3 senior .NET software engineers

Tech stack

OOP, WinForms + MS SQL, .NET, C#


At the beginning of 2017, our customer decided to renovate their corporate ERP software built on an old tech stack. It required the expansion of their in-house development team with advanced experts. They chose Brightgrove as a qualified outsourcing vendor. 

The customer requested that we find 2 senior software engineers with narrow C#/.NET expertise to handle the Q1 development phase. We had to recruit professionals able to write high-quality code while working on classic 3-layer architecture, WinForms + MS SQL. 

Brightgrove’s dedicated team faced the following tasks: 

  • Clean up and optimize the legacy code.
  • Migrate the existing functionality onto a modern tech platform to boost the quality and performance.
  • Upgrade the backend/server-side and integrate it with the new version of the ERP system.
  • Provide integration of new functionality and supportafter the development is finished. 


Two critical conditions from the customer were a budget limit for the specialists and the hiring speed. In 2.5 months, our recruitment department hired and onboarded the first 2 senior .NET developers with WinForms experience and in-depth knowledge of OOP in C#. The customer personally approved each team member. 

For the first 3 months of project development, this dedicated team worked on-site in Germany. In 2018, the customer was already satisfied with our team’s work and delegated the full-cycle candidate selection process to Brightgrove experts. When the customer requested to expand the team further, we rapidly found 1 new senior .NET developer with experience in Visual Studio Professional development environment, Microsoft SQL-Server, and Windows Forms with Data Binding.


  • Made the code more stable, optimized, and fully functional on the app’s new platform
  • Transitioned a vast amount of legacy functionality, feature sets, and infrastructure into a new version of a modernized ERP system based on WinForms
  • Updated the server side to handle a new version of the ERP system seamlessly and integrate with it faster, which boosted the quality and performance
  • Sped up the development process due to soft skills and high qualifications of our dedicated engineers


Our team has been enhancing customer’s in-house development capacity and business agility since 2017. We’ve retained all the team members to date. A project manager from the customer’s side has full control over all the team’s tasks and activities.

Today, we continue to update the existent ERP application and provide continuous technical support for the platform.

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