Full-cycle QA services for fleet management software of Synovia Solutions

Synovia Solutions, LCC develops high-quality fleet management software to improve the safety of vehicles and passengers and make GPS tracking more affordable.


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MongoDB Compass, Robo 3T, RDCM, Redis, Microsoft SSMS and Visual Studio, Datadog, Kibana, RabbitMQ, Postman, Octopus Deploy, MobaXTerm, Docker Portainer


Synovia develops fleet management software that improves the safety of vehicles and passengers and makes GPS tracking more affordable. Their product provides the monitoring of every aspect of vehicle and driver activity in real-time, along with comprehensive historical reports.

In 2012, Synovia partnered with us to hand over their whole QA cycle to a remote team of senior engineers.

Brightgrove faced the following challenges:

• Create an Agile Scrum flow of QA services to test all of the customer’s solutions—UI, front- and back-end, and mobile.

• Set up effective communication to overcome a time-zone difference.

• Ensure that all software works stably and adequately, following strict security policies.

• Establish a regular monitoring process to make sure that the data is transmitted and stored on the backend side continuously.


We had to hire and onboard highly-skilled QA engineers in the shortest time possible to start the project without delays. Having our own talent pool, we were able to set up a dedicated team in 15 working days.  

It was a 4 hours difference between Synovia’s in-house team in Indianapolis, USA (GMT -4), and our team is in Kharkiv, Ukraine (GMT+3). We’ve adjusted our flow: we monitor Synovia’s system when it’s nighttime in Indianapolis and have daily meetings with the customer when it’s evening in Kharkiv.

Since 2012, our team has helped Synovia in a number of ways:  

• Set up an uninterrupted and continuous Scrum QA process,took over the testing of functionality for the user interface, front- and back-end sides, iOS and Android.  

• Fixed all the flaws to improve the overall quality, speed, stability, and reliability.  

• Implemented regular monitoring and checking flow to ensure that the data collecting, transmitting, and storing processes are seamless and continuous.


  • Retained the whole team since 2012.
  • Increased the productivity of the system’s performance and provided full-cycle QA services.
  • Created all needed test cases and adapted to the exploratory testing techniques.
  • Ensured cleanliness, safety, and stability for an ongoing process of data collecting and its transmission onto the back-end side to be securely stored.


In April 2019, famous corporation CalAmp acquired Synovia to help them grow by improving their outreach and product portfolio. So, Synovia is planning to serve even more clients with their upgraded solutions for fleet intelligence. 

Today, we continue to boost the customer’s in-house engineering capacity and business agility by handling the end-to-end quality assurance cycle.

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