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Team size

1 Full-stack Developer + 1 Project Manager

Tech stack

Python, Flask, Bootstrap


Founded in 2021, BetCity took the online casino market by storm and quickly became one of the biggest gaming operators in the Netherlands. It’s a purely Dutch product that aims to provide players with the highest level of experience in entertainment within their casino and sportsbook. Constantly expanding their portfolio of games and offering sports bets worldwide, BetCity is the place to be for every player.

They found us via and asked if we could help with a custom tool for their marketing department to automate some time-consuming processes and implement campaign testing. The main focus was on digital advertising, so the app needed to be linked to Google APIs and Google Campaign Manager (GCM).


Before we took on the work, BetCity’s marketing specialists had used a Python script to simplify part of the campaign creation. But we needed to take it to the next level with a custom tool to automate the process entirely. It was also crucial to make the app scalable and easily adjustable by end users.

We fully integrated GCM and Google APIs into the tool. Therefore, it allows to create new and adjust existing campaigns. There’s a set of simple drop-down fields that, in combination, generate the right placement tags. With the new solution, you can create ad names, sizes, and other attributes as placement tags and import them into GCM as a Google Sheets file.

But that’s not all. When those tags are ready, the platform creates requests for GCM accordingly. Thanks to the multithreaded logic of Python, we solved many problems with speed and user data input, and now the requests can be processed simultaneously and fast. Another important feature is the possibility to return the requests from GCM to get the correct placement IDs and complete the placement tag.

We launched the application at the end of 2022. Even though the start date was July 2022, it took us much less time to build the tool – the project was part-time. Our input was about 200 hours, but if you calculate how much time the solution helped the BetCity’s marketing team to save, the ROI is very impressive.

The app came out very scalable, time-efficient, and robust. The client is actively using the solution, and we continue helping with its support and further development.


  • Completed an app connected to Goggle APIs in only 200 hours of work
  • Allowed the client’s team to have more flexibility with creating and adjusting the campaigns than ever before
  • 30+ campaigns and 50k+ ads created in the first 2 weeks of app use, saving around 130 work hours for the team
  • 30 hours on average saved monthly on setting up new campaigns

What happens now

The BetCity team is very happy about the development process and its results, and the communication between our sides is solid. We continue working together to see what we can improve in the solution. We also plan to redesign it and add the company’s branding to the interface.

BetCity’s Head of Data & Analytics, our primary contact, also promotes the app we developed to their parent company. Thus, we see a potential expansion of our collaboration shortly.


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