Upgrade and support of the digital audit confirmations platform for a cloud solutions provider

Founded in 2012, the company is providing law firms, auditors, and their clients with an easy-to-use cloud solution for the  confirmation campaigns.


Computer software & IT, Financial Services Software Development, Insurance Software Development Services


Dedicated Team

Team size

Mid-level Design Developers (Full-time), Full-Stack Ruby Engineers (Full-time), Dedicated PM (supervising, free of charge)

Tech stack

Rails Stack (backend + frontend); StimulusJS (frontend); Redis (jobs) + PostgreSQL (DB)


The company was founded in 2012 by two auditors and two IT experts. The main business course is providing law firms, auditors, and their clients with an easy-to-use cloud solution for the confirmation campaigns, taking into account IDW PS 302 and ISA 505 standards.

In July 2018, they turned to us to take some load off their in-house development team.

We faced the following tasks:
• Hire all needed experts and provide them with the means to follow the knowledge transfer procedure.
• Optimize and modernize the development process.
• Improve the existing architecture with up-to-date tools and techniques.
• Developed new innovative functionality, features, and solutions for the customer’s web app.
• Provide support for the existing product.


After we’ve analyzed the project requirements, our Recruitment Department started assembling mid-level engineers that would join the distributed team. The main challenge we faced was to allocate Design Developers, which is highly rare expertise in the IT market. In 2 weeks, we found 3 suitable candidates. In parallel, we found, pre-screened, and interviewed 9 candidates for the Full-Stack Ruby Developer position.   

Our engineers followed the knowledge transfer procedure and established regular communication with the customer’s team. The main communication tool is Slack.  

The technical value we deliver:   

  • Implemented code reviews with Pull Requests to optimize and improve the dev process. 
  • Integrated the popular development methodology based on Git flow. It allowed us to boost the effectiveness by managing separate Git branches for Production and Staging. 
  • Refactored the legacy code and reviewed the architecture.
  • Covered the development process with unit and integration tests.
  • Developed and implemented new functionality that made the product more stable and productive.


  • Hired highly skilled professionals and retained all of them for more than 2 years. 
  • Added such features as caching and memorization, website localization, inter version migration for libraries.
  • Proposed creating prototypes for the most complicated tasks to provide all teammates with the options to discuss the tech stack, possible functionality, and the development timeframe.
  • Developed and leveled up a secure digital platform that already improved thousands of auditing campaigns via a more efficient audit confirmation process.
  • Made the solution compliant with the IDW examination standard 302 (3rd-party confirmations) and ISA 505 (external confirmations), which is an important part of the annual financial statements.
  • The new platform gives the users 10x more efficiency from the first confirmation campaign through the automation of the confirmation process.
  • Achieved the highest security and complete data protection compliance—encrypted connections and data remain in the German DATEV data center at all times.


Since 2018, the dedicated team develops further all existing solutions in the web app’s infrastructure. The customer fully manages our team. Brightgrove provides an assigned dedicated PM that supervises the team’s health and motivation.

Currently, our customer’s clients are 100+ law firms of all sizes from individual WP to the BIG4 companies that trust our partner as the German market leader.


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