BI management web portal and mobile apps for solar power plants

The customer is a Germany-based company, the leader in engineering and manufacturing of photovoltaic modules and system components. The company also operates large-scale solar plants.


Software Development for Manufacturing


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Each solar plant is a complex engineering facility, and the monitoring of plant performance is necessary. It is crucial to gather monitoring data and analytics about various parts of the plant components functioning.

The customer decided to develop a sophisticated software system to monitor, analyze, and manage the solar plants. To develop such an innovative solution, they’ve partnered with Brightgrove.

Challenges we’ve faced included:

• Engineering and programming of hardware components, such as sensors, string servers, connection boxes, and junctions.
• Creating a sophisticated web-based BI enterprise portal and mobile apps for data storing and processing.
• Providing the user with accurate monitoring, analytics, and reporting functions.
• Establishing stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes.


We analyzed the processes, problem domains, expertise, and technologies of our partner, then prepared the list of high-level features and general requirements.

After that, we promptly set up a dedicated team of senior Full-Stack specialists for web portal and apps creation. We utilized the Agile iterative approach as the most optimal methodology. The team created a solution with modular design, ready for further system evolution and maintenance.

40+ distributed modules of the BI web portal and mobile apps provided the user with the following functions:
• Fast evaluation of plant functioning, output control, and real-time hardware performance monitoring with statistics and prediction analyses.
• Plants’ infrastructure configuration, visual maps with access to all processes, components, and their states.
• Planning, analysis, and execution of hardware maintenance and support operations based on real-time and historical data.
• Alerts, self-monitoring, remote diagnostics, and faults management.
• Automated billing and reporting.

The developed products have the following feature set:
• Modern, convenient, and simple user interface—feature-rich, fully dynamic, and responsive. The portal supports 7 different languages and local-specific settings.
• Rich statistical, data analytical, aggregation, and reporting subsystems with drill-down abilities.
• Integration with third-party weather services to monitor weather conditions.
• The mobile apps for unlimited access to critical functions from devices. The apps allow users to check important production summaries, various analytics, and KPI details, and they notify of possible alerts and faults.


  • Reduced the expenses previously spent on the installation, data analysis, and maintenance of the solar power plants
  • Increased the profitability of the power plants due to reduced operational costs.
  • Increased the efficiency of the solar plant by 6.5%.
  • Multiplied the amount of energy the plant harvests by 17.5%, depending on the location and other different factors.
  • Increased the safety level of the solar power plant and reduced the risk of fire due to monitoring of the temperature.
  • Gained more presence in the solar energy market by offering products to a wider range of customers, including plant owners, installers, and manufacturers.


The 4 largest solar plants in Europe use the created system to manage their facilities. The customer expanded their product line with the set of unique hardware devices and extended their services, which led to an increase in sales.

We continue to work together, providing all administrative and office infrastructure services to the dedicated team.


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