Feo Elektronik

Custom Embedded Application for Traffic Lights With Voice Alerts

Founded in Weingarten in 1995, Feo Elektronik GmbH is now an ISO 9001:2015 certified tech company. Since 2006 it is based in Ravensburg. They work interdisciplinary in the fields of consumer and industrial electronics, informatics, medical and driving technologies, embedded software, and mechanical engineering.


Consumer Electronics Product Development


Dedicated Team

Team size

2 senior C/C++ engineers

Tech stack

C/C++, ARM, Doxygen, Flowchart


At the beginning of 2019, Feo Elektronik started a new project related to ARM embedded software development. Their in-house development team needed an expansion: experienced embedded developers with a specific skill set. Brightgrove offered its recruitment and dedicated team set-up services, allowing our customer to save both time and money on direct in-house hiring, onboarding, and retention processes. 

Brightgrove faced the following tasks: 

  • Promptly find and hire 2 senior software engineers with narrow C/C++ expertise and experience with an RTOS environment (FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS).
  • Set up a dedicated team remotely in one of our offices. For the first 2 months, the developers should have been able to work on-site in Germany. 
  • Develop and release a secure and ISO-compliant embedded application for ARM microcontrollers in smart traffic lights that will communicate voice alerts to blind people. 
  • After the development is finished, provide support and integration of new functionality. 


Originally, Feo Elektronik wanted to hire developers to work on-site as members of their in-house team. However, after we presented our dedicated team business model, they decided to try remote cooperation.

We’ve got the requirements for the candidates’ selection on 28th March 2019. Having a large talent pool and rapid recruiting experts, in 2 weeks we’ve set up a dedicated team of 2 senior C/C++ engineers. Found experts have 5+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge of RTOS environment, ARM controllers, Bluetooth Low Energy, CAN, and RS 232. On 15th April 2019, our team officially began their work.

For the first 2 months, our engineers went to Germany to follow the onboarding and knowledge transfer procedures. After they’ve passed the probation period and came back to Ukraine, we placed the team in our R&D center in Kyiv—a comfortable modern office with fully set up and secure workspaces.

Our engineers’ responsibilities on the project include:
• Creating unit tests and development-accompanying documentation
• Embedded development
• Testing and documenting firmware with respect to Bluetooth communication, internal communication, and control algorithms.


  • Found and hired highly experienced professionals with rare technical skill set
  • Established a steady development flow based on Scrum-like methodology
  • Provided the dedicated team with all needed equipment and infrastructure
  • Successfully following the product release plan


Our team works under the management of Feo Elektronik’s Product Owner who sets the tasks based on Scrum-like development methodology and controls the progress. Every developer has access to all needed professional equipment, recreation zones, legal and financial management. One of the priorities in our corporate culture is the employees’ retention, so we do our best to retain all the team members.

We hope to keep working with Feo Elektronik on a long-term basis whether it’d be continuous support or integration of new functionality.


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