Dedicated team to develop IoT-enabling software solution for world’s leading manufacturer of industrial tools

Based in Germany, our customer is the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive components, industrial and building products, and tools.


Software Development for Manufacturing


Dedicated Team

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iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java, BLE, Objective-C, IoT


Based in Germany, our customer is one of the largest multinational engineering and electronics companies. It’s the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive components, industrial and building products, and tools.

The customer decided to transform certain categories of their industrial products into smart, connected devices so the users would be able to control and manage their tools from smartphones or tablets.

The customer needed a reliable software development vendor, which led to the partnership with Brightgrove. Challenges we’ve faced included:
• Deliver a mobile-based solution that uses the BLE protocol to move data between devices and smartphones or tablets, supporting all versions of iOS and Android phones.
• Develop the communication and control protocols together with the in-house team given their limited knowledge of the involved mobile protocols.
• Due to business reasons and aggressive release plans, we were to complete the project within a very short timeframe.


Based on the specification for the development team’s skills and experience, we set up a dedicated team of senior developers in the shortest time possible. 

After producing a few prototypes, our team delivered the final IoT-oriented mobile solution. The core of the solution is an extensible and reusable framework that enables smartphones and tablets to manage industrial devices. The end users can operate them via a BLE-enabled device by sending remote control and data commands.  

Using the provided smartphone apps, the connected tools’ users and owners can remotely activate and shut them down (including timer-based schedules). There are options to manage devices in groups, obtain information about their operation state, control, and lock particular operation modes, and get alarm notifications in case of improper maintenance or usage of a particular device.


  • A generic extensible and reusable software framework for management and remote control of the connected devices via BLE protocol.
  • A software library for specific products (tools) to be digitally connected.
  • iOS and Android mobile apps with a splendid UI for devices remote activation, bulk management of devices and groups, monitoring the operational and historical state of the devices, devices functions access and lock control, monitoring and alarm notifications for improper use.
  • Significantly reduced development costs comparing to onsite development.
  • The customer received the ability to attract new customers in the market for mobile-friendly, remotely controllable tools and products.


To resolve connectivity issues and develop interfaces between connected devices and mobile phones, we established an efficient communication protocol with the customer’s in-house engineers. For higher efficiency, our specialists visited the customer’s onsite facilities several times. We provided the knowledge transfer of principles and specifics in native mobile apps development to the customer’s in-house team to help them gain experience in this field.

We were proud to be a reliable software development vendor for our partner and fulfill all their requirements along the way.


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