QA team extension for a no-code platform

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Dedicated Team

Team size

QA Manager + 2 QA Engineers

Tech stack

PlayWrite, Elixir, Microsoft Azure


This client offers a no-code application development platform. Users can leverage the platform’s functions and tools to build various apps with no fuss. The client joined us after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They were choosing between several Ukrainian teams and decided to work with us thanks to our expertise.

When the client came to us, they had a development team of around 60 people but no QAs whatsoever. They worked for about 15 years like that and had one unsuccessful experience hiring external QA specialists.

So, when a new CTO joined the company, he decided to finally build a quality assurance department within the company. First and foremost, the client wanted to find a QA team lead with proper process and team management skills to head the new department and then build a team around that specialist. The manager would have to build the testing processes from zero and be responsible for improving the quality of the product overall.


We began with finding the perfect candidate for the QA manager position, which was the final confirmation of our collaboration with the client. Then, we found two more testing specialists, and another joined the team from the outside but is subordinate to our manager.

When we started work, the platform was quite unstable and needed many fixes. So, our QA manager first implemented a bug-tracking system with quality metrics. This allowed us to efficiently assess the quality of the product and understand where to move next.

Then we started setting up automatization to cover the code written by over 60 developers. Moreover, our QAs helped the clients’ devs to understand the value of auto-tests and explain why it’s important to take some time to create them. For example, sometimes it’s not just about detecting bugs — it may be about identifying a faulty server.

The team members from Brightgrove’s side carried out an essential function of educators. Many client’s employees have been in the company for over 15 years; for some, it was their first-ever job. Thus, they’ve never had any experience working with QAs – our testers had to show how they influenced the development process.

We also started actively working with the client’s tech support department. They learned about problems with the platform directly from users, so we helped improve the information exchange process between support specialists and devs. We also pointed out the areas we or the tech support department are responsible for.


  • Having a complete view of the platform quality for the first time
  • Introducing production defect tracking
  • Increasing the overall stability of the platform
  • Resolving a big issue with the previous iterations of the platform components on platforms users’ side

What happens now

The client is really happy with the results of our team’s work who get constant positive feedback from the management. Now the client is assessing the current market situation, and the QA team is expected to grow to 10 people in the future.


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