Android and iOS Development Services

Native Android and iOS applications are always a smart choice in the long run. Cross-platform apps may seem like a cost-efficient solution, but they are often not compatible with all the versions of mobile operating systems, new features the operating updates include, and modifications of cameras or sensors that are coming up yearly.

Our Android and iOS Developers are using the top tools that one can find on the market to build responsive, scalable, and adaptive apps that can be supported throughout any platform change. All our experts have proficient knowledge of mobile operating systems and profound expertise in Kotlin and Swift. They are also actively growing expertise in Kotlin Multiplatform to create multiplatform apps that share parts of the code between Android and iOS versions, which makes development faster and more economical.

success stories

Joe Ben-Zvi
Co-Founder of Vero

Services we provide

Finding experts in mobile development from dozens of our talents or a big pool of eastern-europian developers

Building a strong team or extending your in-house unit within requested skill sets and time limits

Setting up the processes so the development wouldn’t struggle from time differences or team distribution

Developing modern, adaptive native applications using relevant languages, libraries, and databases

Integrating any recent innovations of iOS and Android platforms into your app’s functionality

Using best practices of Google and Apple to implement both effective and bold features

Finding solutions that will work on any version of iOS and Android smooth and fast, thanks to our deep knowledge of the platforms and hardware



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