Integration and QA Engineers for a leading provider of FinTech Solutions

One of the most prominent FinTech startups from the USA that provides clients with a checkout software in cloud with an in-built ‘zero fraud’ protection.


Financial Services Software Development, E-commerce & Retail development services


Dedicated Team

Team size

10 full-time experts: 6 Senior integration engineers (PHP), 2 Senior QA Automation, 1 Mid-level QA Engineer, 1 Tech Project Manager

Tech stack

JavaScript/TypeScript, Selenium Webdriver, WebdriverIO, Node.js, React, PHP, Golang MySQL, CircleCI, Jenkins, Git, Docker, Testrail, Browserstack, DataDog, Postman; Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce, Visa and AmEx validators; Jira, Asana


Our customer is one of the most prominent FinTech startups from USA. They empower online businesses and e-commerce platforms to improve customer experience by cutting the checkout time from more than one minute to 30 seconds. Featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, TechCrunch, the company has raised approximately 90 million in funding.

In 2019, due to the rapid growth, they’ve decided to extend the team with Brightgrove’s help.

We had to deliver the following expertise:
• Augment customer’s staff capacity and join their end-to-end integration and support cycle of 12+ plugins.

• Boost the revenue by integrating their plugins for more end clients and into the platforms with the diverse tech stack.

• Set up an effective manual and automation QA framework.

• Provide support to end users and fix the issues that might occur because of the plugins’ integration.


The customer requested to set up a team of 1 Senior QA Automation expert, 1 Senior PHP integration engineer, and 1 TPM. We recruited and onboarded all 3 professionals in 1 month.

After the trial period, our partner decided to grow the remote R&D unit in our Kharkiv office up to 10 team members. We’ve retained all teammates for over a year. Our TPM expert visited the customer’s office in San Francisco to follow knowledge transfer procedure.

The distributed team developed a product with such features: 

• Integration with a number of payment methods (including cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and invoices) and calculators for taxes and shipping costs.

• Fastest checkout experience with higher conversion rates and quick transaction validation and management.

• Integration with 911 service—if a transaction doesn’t pass validation procedure or a hacking attack is detected, the product’s backend calls 911.

• Option to collect discounts, vouchers bonus points, and coupons.


  • Handled the integration of 12+ sophisticated plugins for a variety of e-commerce stores, customizing the code based on the end client’s business needs.
  • Set up manual and automation tests coverage for several areas of development and integration processes.
  • Wrote all required development and communication documentation.
  • Integrated anti-fraud checkout plugins that support payments verification via both a custom API and 3rd-party validators.
  • The customer’s solutions got adopter by thousands of merchants, rewards and loyalty platforms, and e-commerce stores.


Since the first quarter of 2019, Brightgrove’s team performs as an extension of the customer’s business. As the overall team is distributed all over the globe, our engineers adjusted their working schedule to overlap 4 different time zones. Any business request or issue alert gets processed within 1 working day.

The team continues to provide full support for the existing solutions and keeps evolving the QA flow to cover more areas of the development cycle.

Our services helped to increase income and grow their client base significantly. 


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