Automatic monitoring system for drainage appliances manufacturer

Custom automatic alarm monitoring and assets management system for indoor and outdoor drainage appliances

Based in Germany, our customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor drainage appliances. They produce backwater valves, lifting stations, separators, small sewage treatment plants. 


Software Development for Manufacturing


Dedicated Team, Time & Material

Team size

Under NDA

Tech stack

Java, Android, iOS, HTML, JavaScript, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Amazon Cloud, Docker


The customer needed to change their approach to handling incidents with appliances. The existing approach went as follows: the engineers at a facility detected malfunctions and informed the subcontractor plumbers who provided 24/7 support. But that approach did not ensure a fast response because of the time-consuming manual involvement. And the fast response time is critical because of significant potential damage. 

Our customer decided to create an up-to-date tech solution—an automatic hardware monitoring and alarm system that will solve the problem of response time.

Our customer decided to create an automatic monitoring and alarm system that will solve the problem of response time.
Brightgrove became their development vendor with a goal to build this system and integrate it with the customer’s devices. We faced the following challenges:
• Develop a monitoring and alarm-based notification solution with a web-based server-side component, iOS and Android mobile apps, and embedded appliance software.
• Make the system able to identify possible problems automatically and notify the personnel.
• Clarify and structure business logic and processes, supported by the system.
• Establish stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes.


We’ve assembled a dedicated team of senior engineers with precise skill sets. The team clarified the requirements and proposed suitable architectural and implementation approaches.  

The developed monitoring system has several structural components, distributed and running in such major locations: 

  • Software installed on appliances’server-side components (running on servers within a cloud environment)
  • Browser-based workspaces for system administrators, super users, and general users
  • Mobile-based workspaces for plumbers, workers, and users
  • External system components (mail servers, SMS gateways,push notification servers)

Using the available connection options (GSM messages or TCP/IP), the appliance sends alarms to the cloud-based server component. On receiving the signals, the server determines where the device is installed, who is responsible for its operation on the user’s side, and which plumber to send for repairing and maintenance. 

The system can also track the current state of devices. Based on historical data and the current state of the appliance, the system can predict possible malfunctions and notify personnel. 

Thanks to built-in analytical features, the system efficiently tracks performance and incident response time. This helps to identify bottlenecks in the repair activities of specific plumbers and improve their performance. 


  • Created a team of high-skilled engineers that analyzed the customer’s domain, business, and technical requirements to create the appropriate architecture
  • Implemented the system into the customer’s business and integrated it with the produced devices
  • Increased the reliability of the customer's primary product line and significantly simplified maintenance processes for users
  • Significantly reduced incident response times and maintenance costs thanks to automatic detection of malfunctions


After the initial release, our dedicated team kept providing the system support and maintenance personnel with assistance and improvements in the new versions of the solution. 

The customer has further digitalized their business and entered the market with a brand new IoT solution that expands the existing market offerings.


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