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The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digitalization, setting some areas of finances back, but benefitting others. New demands are challenging the companies to step up. We are ready to embrace a new reality and deliver the best fintech solutions to our clients.

To keep up with the competition, companies are pruning operational costs, digitalizing internal processes, scaling back on non-core activities, and focusing on core areas. Security, hyper-personalization, and data transparency are often named among the latest digital trends.


Cutting-edge technologies are not just buzzwords for the financial services industry, but the near-term future. Data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data mining can be used to reduce fraud, identify transaction risks, decrease personal and corporate financial losses, optimize customers rating models, reduce credit management risks.


Zero-trust security software can meet the extremely high requirements of the financial sector. Following the principle “never trust, always verify”, they can provide openness of the data for users and at the same time ensure that no data theft happens, detecting the intrusions and turning on the preemptive defense mode. To protect each software layer and comply with confidentiality regulations, the solutions should be built with innovative tools and updated as the online environment evolves.


Hire and retain top experts in Big Data, Data Analyses, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence

Build all layers of secure software: integration with external services, user authentification, virtual machines, analytical systems

Protect the information by using data simulation throughout the whole development and testing process

Comply with third-party regulations and find a bright solution to any sensitive problem

Develop detailed confidentiality agreements and make sure they are followed by each specialist involved in the project

We understand that trust is the cornerstone of finance. That is why we are prepared to do everything in our power so you and your clients feel safe. While building the data systems, the CRMs, the applications, we work with data simulations, keeping all the actual user data private with compliance with all confidentiality policies.

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