DevOps Consulting

DevOps methodology is a foundation of a project: if you build it right from the start, the rest of the architecture will be stable, scalable, and predictable. We're a DevOps consulting company which can help you with that.

devops consulting services

Our DevOps consulting services mean specialists with wide skill sets who work to set up the processes and project infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Their knowledge of cloud services, testing environments, code analyzers allows them to make the development process run smoothly to save developers and QA Engineers time. Logging systems they implement help to catch production failures early, saving money for your business in more than one way.

our devops consulting services

Recruiting the best DevOps, DevSecOps, Build, Release, and Automation Engineers from a big pool of local specialists

Bringing our expertise in cloud solutions like Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure to build an infrastructure from scratch

Setting up accesses to databases and servers

Communicating with Developers and QA Engineers to implement tools that enable productive work

Choosing and installing the logging systems to track server errors and prevent production downtime

Taking care of product releases

Moving legacy code to cloud



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